FILMO2 is a fledging film production company. The company has been founded very recently, in december 2016, by Olivier Chantriaux, producer and owner of Filmo, Luca Cabriolu, manager and producer of Mediterranea Film (France) and Ombre Rosse (Italy) and Philippe Bosse, producer at Filmo…

FILMO2 est une toute nouvelle société de production créée en décembre 2016 par Olivier Chantriaux (producteur de Filmo), Luca Cabriolu (par ailleurs producteur et gérant de Mediterranea Film en France et Ombre Rosse Film Production en Italie) et Philippe Bosse (producteur pour Filmo)…







Dayong Zhao
Mathilde Boussac
Khalid Maadour
Julien Sicard
Latifa Said
Ali Asgari et Farnoosh Samadi
Eva Munoz
Giulio Tonincelli
Jean 2 Mahj
Nina Parent
Joachim Michaux
Gianluca Santoni
Sylvain Robineau
Thomas Keumurian
FA2A5691 2
Rudy Zopire
Haris Raftogiannis
Grégoire Colin
  • Pour la première fois, Marie passe ses vacances seule avec ses enfants, sans son mari. Un soir, perdue, elle se laisse séduire par un jeune homme au charme magnétique…
  • The Song of Sin retraces the story of Sufunis and Youba, couple of Imediazens, a tribe of the rif located in the North East of Morocco. Poets and musicians, heirs to an ancestral art, they are ostracized by a society that is looking for itself. Much more than a love...
  • Ban Kang is a villager's son. Even though everyone his age are leaving to go to the city, Ban Kang seems to have for only future his herd, his pastures and the mountains. Life could have been sweeter if Tongong had agreed to marry him but unfortunately she refused. On...
  • Belleville. Un quartier populaire parisien. Depuis deux ans, Nadia vit seule avec son fils, Samy, 15 ans. Elle enseigne le français à des prostituées chinoises au sein d’une association. Engagée dans son travail, elle est proche de l’une de ses élèves, Mei, qui économise pour faire venir son fils en...
  • - Is he fixed? - He is free! - Free ? - Free..meaning, he is not sterilized. What about the sweetie? - She is on her days...! - Like, she is having a period..?   Two lonelies meet for the first time. Their dogs interact. Perhaps they do, too.  ...
  • Henri wants to pass an audition to join the music academy, but interaction is not his strong suit, and the rules of the institution are a mystery he's struggling with. Julia, his only friend and greatest rival, will try to help him. Will he be able to conform ?  ...
  • Rodolphe Viémont, who is bipolar, tells us with complete honesty the major changes that the birth of his daughter caused in his life. We follow him as he goes throught post-partum, in his attempts to combine fatherhood and his artistic work, even tho his pain and mental illness are his...
  • Emilienne could have been my grandmother if she hadn't had a taste for travelling. In her home village in the heart of the Jura Mountains, she remembers the years she spent in New York. I discover scraps of her unsuspected life there in the super8 films that she has entrusted...
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